Therapist Spotlight: Tamas Dominko

Anna Williams asks Tamas Dominko life questions to find out who the man behind the beard is.


Where did you grow up?
- Hungary

What one thing should someone see/do if they visit Hungary?
- Have a meal and drink at Szimplakert in Budapest

What do you like about London?
- All the great museums and parks

Anything you don’t like?
- The crowds

How do you keep fit?
- I do martial arts – Krav Maga and Muay Thai

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
- I like going to parks and reading books on how the body works. And I do a lot of cooking

Name a job you’d love to do if weren’t a massage therapist?
- Massage is my dream job, it’s what I do! I used to want to be a soldier

Do you have a nickname?
- Not one I can tell you, ha ha ha

What colour would you paint your dream house?
- A nice Mediterranean yellow

What’s your favourite smell?
- Freshly baked bread

Think of the best adventure you’ve ever had – what memory comes to mind?
- Moving to the UK and getting our first flat – even though it was a freezing cold and snowy November

Name 3 countries you’d like to visit
- USA, Bali, Israel

Who is your favourite actor/actress?
- Benedict Cumberbatch

If there was a film of your like, who would play you?
- I’d play myself because no one else can do it better

Do you have a special skill or talent?
- I lost half my thumb in an accident 8 years ago but now it’s even more sensitive to enable me to do better massage work

What three things would you want to have if you were stranded on a desert island?
- My fiancée. If I have her, that’s enough

Are you scared of anything?
- Spiders

What pets have you had?
- A dog called Arthur

What new hobby will you take up when you retire?
- I’d love to learn Spanish and Italian

Name one thing you’d ask for if a genie granted you one wish
- Nice houses for my mum and sister to move here from Hungary

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