John Richardson

John Richardson


John grew up in Glastonbury, and as a sports junkie he depended on massage from a young age - to help him compete at a high level in swimming, athletics, football and kickboxing. His passion for sports led him to study sports exercise and coaching in college and then onto sports massage to enhance athletes performance.

Having worked with professional and junior club athletes, office workers, labourers and gym goer's, John is experienced in treating a wide variety of clientele. Outside of clinic work, John has organised workshops and pop up treatments for sports clubs and was involved in providing treatments for the Ultra Multi-Events World Championships in 2013.

John is motivated to give his clients the best treatments possible to assist them in reaching and surpassing their goals. He is extremely client driven and always aims to make sure the client is feeling more comfortable and confident after finishing a massage. He prides himself on catering for an individual’s needs and will tailor your treatment and plan based on you. Deep tissue massage, remedial stretching and pressure point therapy are particular skills he possesses but can adapt and use an array of techniques to get the best results for you.


Training and Education:

London School of Sports Massage

Types of Treatments:

Sports & Remedial, Deep Tissue Massage

Schedule at the clinic:

Monday 2.30pm-10pm

Wednesday 8am-2.15pm

Friday 8am-2.15pm

Saturday 9am-6.15pm 


John was absolutely amazing, he knew exactly what he was doing. He explained thoroughly the roots of my back pain problem and everything made so much sense!